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something lost in translation

Company name of the offender removed for their protection (they’re already in Chapter 11 – no need to help them along here)

Dear valued customer,

On the 25.November 2003, 11:35 we had a route leakage. Due to a mistake on the -------- backbone, we anounced to many routes.

For this reason many peering-sessions were closed automaticly. Issue is resolved. Situation is going normalized.



Heh. "Situation is going normalized" — I have to use that one in resolving RT tickets.

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  1. It's been long enough that I can now say it was AboveNet (formerly known as Metromedia Fiber Network)

    I had to laugh at the FAQ for stockholders:

    Q: What happened to my shares of MFNX stock?

    (Um… you lost them all when the company emerged from chapter 11?)