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I’m a little behind on videogames, since I don’t own any console gaming systems (except for an ancient Super Nintendo that was donated to me by its original owner). But I had the opportunity to play this PS/2 game called Katamari Damacy over the holidays. Its premise is very simple: You’re the Prince of the Cosmos, and your father got drunk and accidentally destroyed all the stars in the sky. Your job is to roll around with this big sticky ball (the Katamari) and pick up items, growing the Katamari in order to pick up even larger items. At first, you start out by picking up small things (like plants, suitcases, etc.) but eventually you evolve to being able to pick up buildings, land, even clouds and whirlpools.

It sounds kind of silly, but it’s very addictive, and actually a lot of fun. Plus, it’s rated Everyone so that even your kids can play!

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