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a few changes…

I’ve decided to give up my consulting practice. It’s too hard to do consulting and hold down a full-time job, so I’ve decided that for now, the full-time job trumps consulting. OpenTrend will still continue to exist, as my business partner Rob has bought me out, and I think he’s bringing additional people on board. So I would continue to recommend OpenTrend for your open-source consulting needs. My last day with OpenTrend is October 31st, 2005.

The latest project I’ve been working on at $DAYJOB is rolling out an implementation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, all managed with ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM). Originally, we were sold ZLM 6.6.1, which is partly cobbled together from some stuff that SUSE AG did, and also partly cobbled together from Ximian’s Red Carpet. Sadly, this shows; there are a few things that don’t work quite right, bundled with some serious show-stopper bugs.

We’re a Novell shop, though, so I’m currently evaluating ZENworks Linux Management 7, which is a complete rewrite. I’ll keep you all posted on how that pans out!

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