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I’ve been “on the Internet” (a term which, by the way, makes no sense) for about twelve or thirteen years now, and although this makes me a young ‘un from the perspective of those folks who invented TCP/IP, I still remember enough of the days before the World Wide Web to have some nostalgia for the way the Internet used to be. I bring this up because I just came across a little notebook in which I used to write down relevant URIs and other ephemera. Some of the gems in there:

  • a listing of my favourite Archie servers
  • directions for accessing the e-mail anonymizer that used to live at [email protected]
  • my old FidoNet e-mail address ([email protected])
  • logon information for my various FreeNet accounts such as the now-defunct Cleveland FreeNet
  • a listing of Gopher servers upon which one would have found current price quotes for Macintoshes
  • various sundry BBS telephone numbers that I’m sure are all out of service by now
  • information on how to get to my Dad’s VAX account via Datapac (anyone know if Bell Canada is still operating Datapac these days?)

I was surprised to not only find that I’d written down information for accessing the Internet Oracle (a/k/a but that the Oracle is still going strong.

Anyone else have old Internet memories they’d like to contribute?

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  1. August 15, 1994.. That was the day my Interlog account became active (I can remember that date, but not my girlfriends birthdate :))

    I remember doing things like..

    finger user@host .. to see if they are online

    "chatting" online using a website where you post to a form and the page reloads every few seconds to see other peoples posts.

    NO MSN, ICQ, or AIM.. just IRC.

    Backorifice. (Cult of the Dead Cow.. still around!

  2. I remember dialing up BBS's when I was quite young on my 286 laptop. The first sounds of the modem negotiating.. ahh. What I don't recall is where I got the numbers from … phonebook maybe? I remember trying quite a few.. the list was in the laptop which died some time ago.

    Surfing 'porn' on a friends dial up connection from Interlog, oh, say in 1997. Fun. Alot of reading!