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Sphinx talk at TAUG this month

As a follow-up to my last post, Simon Ditner is going to be giving a talk about speech-to-text integration in Asterisk using Sphinx2 and Sphinx4 at this month’s TAUG meeting. All the meeting details can be found here. You’ll also get to hear a demonstration of Simon’s own use of this engine, which is a hilarious Zork-over-IP implementation in Asterisk.

By the way, you may have noticed that some of my previous posts allude to me returning VoIP equipment to Devlin. That’s because I’ve returned to the Platform Administration team at This time around, I’ll be working on a number of exciting capital projects (I know, it doesn’t sound exciting when you call them capital projects) that are mostly aimed at fixing the basics with’s infrastructure. I’m not sure I can disclose many details at the moment beyond that, but rest assured that I will be discussing the relevant technical challenges and their solutions at an appropriate time. I hope to be able to informally follow in the footsteps of my colleague Blake’s contributions to the Inside The CBC weblog in his Under The Hood column, but going into far greater technical detail than Blake is able to, for reasons of audience accessibility.

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