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Highpoint Linux Open Source Driver for RR174x Updated

Highpoint has finally updated their Linux Open Source Driver for the RR174x series of SATA RAID adapters. I’m hoping that this will resolve the inability to compile the driver under newer versions of the Linux kernel, such as for the updates that have been issued for Fedora 7. However, my Linux box at home is currently turned off, since I’m on vacation. I won’t have a chance to test it until I get back, but I thought other users of this hardware might be interested!

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  1. Did you ever get this resolved? I recently booted a server of mine and was unaware that an update was made. This broke my 1740 driver and rendered most of our data unreachable. I decided to make all updates before trying to recompile the new driver so i am currently running

  2. It got resolved, but only in this particular set of circumstances — it seems like Highpoint has now stopped releasing kernel updates for older cards, so I cannot upgrade my 1740-enabled system to Fedora 8.

    I'm actually really disappointed in Highpoint. Next time, I think I will buy a 3ware RAID card, since the performance of the Highpoint card seems to be pretty bad, and many OSes seem to have built-in support for 3ware's drivers (e.g. twe(4) driver in FreeBSD), which would indicate to me a higher level of manufacturer interest in open platforms.

  3. HighPoint linux support is really terrible, do not buy any of their controllers until there is true open source driver available. They are not updating their proprietary drivers often enough and and even when it works it's not done perfectly (why my sata drives appear as scsi and s.m.a.r.t does not work?) …

    And they do not respond any support mail enquiries.

  4. Had the same thing happen to me. Bought a 231x card from HighPoint for which the Open Linux Driver's successfully built on my Ubuntu 2.6.24-19 kernel but did not work. I get a bunch of read errors and a stack trace when I boot. Support did not respond to my emails. Looks like I'll be returning this card and getting a 3ware.