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TicketMaster’s Privacy Policy is a joke.

Ed Foster pointed out in a recent GripeLog entry that TicketBastard‘s privacy policy is a complete joke. To paraphrase the point of the article: If you have ever bought a ticket from TicketBastard, they have reserved the right to sell all your personal information to their "Partners" and they specifically state in their privacy policy that you may not ever opt-out of receiving spam from their "Partners".

Although we would all love to avoid TicketMaster, unfortunately they have a monopoly in this country — behold, my friends, the American Dream! Anyway, if you can’t find a patch, at least find a workaround: my workaround would be: a) Don’t buy tickets online through Ticketmaster.CA or Ticketmaster.COM; b) Pay cash when you buy Ticketmaster tickets in person at the Ticketmaster outlet; c) Give fake credentials if the ticket clerk asks you for them (although I can’t see why they would).

I’m aware that this behaviour would probably tip off the authorities in the police state we call the U.S.A., since it probably matches some kind of Terrorist Profile generated by the Abteilung der Faterland-Sicherheit. If that isn’t ironic…

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  1. This is the case if you enter your email address on their site just to check the price of the ticket, even if you don't buy anything.