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Google for system logs

I’ve been playing around with Splunk recently, which I bill as “Google for your system logs.” It’s much more than just a simple search engine, but that’s the simplest way to describe what it does; it aggregates log data from multiple sources and allows you to search, correlate data in time, and also post (anonymized) snippets from your log data on Splunk Base for others to see.

For our little shop, Splunk is probably overkill; I have about 30 servers (physical and virtual) to manage, and I have not found myself needing the functionality, per se. But it’s still a neat tool. I wish we’d had something like this at my previous job, in particular to index log4j entries from misbehaving Java applications. Trying to sift through data from six Java servers and six webservers in real-time to try and find out why the site is tanking is nearly impossible and often led to live hacks on production to disable dumb ideas that were taking the site down.

Now that I’ve posted all those HREFs, I wonder if Google will take down the site when it next indexes my journal. 🙂

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  1. Julian,

    Thanks for the kind words about Splunk. Your description of your current job and previous challenges is exactly why we created it in the first place. Let us know how you get along with it over time.

    Happy Splunking.

    Michael Baum
    Chief Executive Splunker