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NetworkManager starts getting some docs

Looks like someone has started putting together some informal documentation for NetworkManager.

In a completely unrelated note, the upgrading of my Fedora Core 5 Thinkpad T42 to kernel 2.6.17-1.2139 has broken wireless (again). Any attempt to use NetworkManager with it causes ipw2200: Firmware error detected. Restarting. to be seen in the dmesg. However, if I run wpa_supplicant manually and then dhclient, it works.

I’m really looking forward to the day when all this is fixed, although I suspect wireless is such a bleeding edge problem space that the day won’t be coming soon.

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  1. From reading blogs, wireless on Linux appears to be a huge pain in the ass. I thank my lucky stars that I am only running Linux on a (wired) desktop and so I've never had to deal with it.

  2. this is a firmware issue that has not been fixed.

    try this though:

    modprobe ipw2200 hwcrypto=0

    this has something to do with integration between the ieee80211 package and ipw2200

    im using ipw2200-1.1.2 on Gentoo (2.6.15) and that error has occured randomly with my T42 since 2.6.12+

  3. It doesn't make a difference for me whether hardware crypto is turned on or not. I still get random diassociations from the access point (especially with TKIP Replay Detected errors), firmware errors, etc. Sometimes I can associate for several hours, sometimes not at all.

    I'm using WPA, by the way. I'm stunned at the number of people on the support lists that are still using WEP or no <!!!> key management at all. No wonder we're having such a hard time in the Linux community getting stuff like WPA to work — we aren't eating our own dog food.