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moving from 1&1 to Dreamhost

I decided to move my shared hosting from 1&1 to DreamHost. I had some poor experiences with 1&1:

  1. remapping domains to subdirectories of my $HOME didn’t work at first
  2. excessively stringent RLimitCPU meant that certain operations, like trying to migrate from Gallery 1.x to 2.x would fail and time out
  3. trying to use 1&1’s built-in photo gallery hosed my site for a day as it remapped all the virtual host to subdirectory mappings

I hope hosting with Dreamhost will help these issues. I would really love to have my own server in a co-lo (i.e. eating my own dog food by having one in the TCCP co-lo, which I run) but I can’t justify the expense.

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  1. It's ironic how things turn out.. we spend years and $$$ running our own boxes either out of home or local datacenter, usually at a loss, then bite the bullet and join the masses. I'm sure we can agree that it's nice to have _someone else_ do all the work for once 😉