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rebuilding VoIP PBX, part two

I decided I’d rebuild my Linksys NSLU2-based PBX tonight, since SlugOS/BE 4.x had been released back in December and I wasn’t getting new versions of Asterisk pushed through the ipkg channel. Since I’ve done it before, I figured it would only take about an hour, and I was right (okay, it took ten minutes longer than I predicted, but close enough.)

Here are work instructions in case you want to try this or in case I need to do it again.

  1. Back up all old files if required. I backed up my Asterisk configuration and spool directories (/etc/asterisk and /var/spool/asterisk) as well as using ipkg to generate a list of packages installed on the system.
  2. Shutdown the NSLU2, then boot into firmware upgrade mode.
  3. Flash the NSLU2 with SlugOS/BE using Upslug.
  4. Boot the NSLU2 and follow the commands to turnup and initialize the attached storage. I was moving from a 2 GB external hard disk to a 1 GB USB stick, so I followed the turnup instructions for USB.
  5. Reboot the NSLU2 and reinstall all the packages using ipkg. Put back the configuration files you may have created and backed up, or just recreate them from scratch.
  6. I also use the Optware feed for a few things that the base SlugOS distribution doesn’t have, so I had to follow the Optware Bootstrap Instructions for SlugOS/BE.
  7. Install any missing packages from Optware using /opt/bin/ipkg.

That’s all she wrote! Now you see why it only took me 70 minutes to rebuild the PBX system.

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