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Red Hat upgrade complete!

Those of you who have been following my journal closely know that I’ve been working on a project at work to migrate our main web and Java cluster from SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Well, we did the cut-over tonight and I’m pleased to note that everything pretty much went according to plan. Netcraft will now tell you that is running Apache 2.2.8 on Red Hat.

With the launch of the new Red Hat cluster, we bid adieu to the old problem-plagued Program Guide software. The "new" Program Guide (known internally as the unimaginative but accurate name "What’s On CBC") takes over from the old Program Guide, but built on a solid foundation of standard Java technologies like Hibernate and Struts. The "new" Program Guide continues to inhabit the old URL but does not crash every 5 minutes (seriously) and is highly customizable and extensible for many uses. You’ll see components of What’s On being repurposed for other needs in the future.

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