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I’m joining Opscode!

opscode logoTomorrow I’ll be joining Opscode as a senior consultant for Chef. My job responsibilities will be diverse, encompassing training, evangelism, and also working on projects for customers large and small.

I’m extremely excited to be working for a company whose product has been revolutionizing the job responsibilities of the traditional system administrator, and even those of the software engineer. It’s easier to break down the walls between operations and development when all your infrastructure is code, and Chef makes that a no-brainer. Frankly, it’s also more fun for everyone — yes, it’s possible for web operations to be fun again, just like it was back in 1996 when I got into this sort of thing.

I’m looking forward to working with all of the really smart people at Opscode, and, if you’re part of the Chef community, with you as well. See you around, maybe at a conference, training session, or just in IRC!

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