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… describes perfectly my thoughts about marketing weasels. (D=Dilbert, M=Marketing Weasel)

D: This product would melt the polar ice caps and doom humanity.
M: That’s okay.
D: You’re part of humanity.
M: No, I’m in marketing.
D: I won’t help you destroy the planet.
M: That’s what I said until I saw the free t-shirts.

Aside from having to sell your soul, it appears that working in marketing is a dream job. Spend the company’s money with no accountability, hire subordinates solely on the basis of breast size, and if management tries to nail you for poor sales, blame the developers.

Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t go to school for five years to be overriden by some marketing drone whose qualifications for the job include being a clerk at Chapters, and her physical attractiveness. Period.

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