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tape hardware, part two

While on the topic of tape hardware and backups… never mind my little DLT7000 drive at home. How do you back up a 4TB Titan NAS?

We bought one of these servers at work last year; we’re finally getting around to using it for something. Our current challenge is trying to figure out how to back up a 1TB Interwoven content store (we’ve just bought almost the entire product line from Interwoven) without IT screaming at us for taking up their entire tape rotation schedule. This is on top of having to back up a large MediaBin store as well.

I’ll be happy when the Titan is actually up and running, though. We’ve been having some problems getting the CIFS partitions running, because the Titan really needs an Active Directory server in order to enforce permissions, and all we have is a Windows NT 4 domain controller (think again about hacking it; it’s on an internal network). The problem is that we never originally intended the Titan to be used for Windows shares; the unit was purchased long before we decided to go with Interwoven on Windows entirely.

Interesting technical challenges abound…

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