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publishing free/busy information in Evolution

Ximian Evolution can publish Free/Busy information by using WebDAV, but this doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere I could find. Here’s what I did to set it up:

  • Set up a WebDAV-compliant webserver. I installed mod_dav for Apache 1.3.x.
  • Configure DAV properly, and make sure that the directory you are enabling DAV for is writable by the webserver user.
  • Configure Evolution. Select Tools > Settings, then Free/Busy Publishing. Click Add URL and in Publishing Location type in http://your-server-name/your-location/. Don’t forget to supply the username and password you set up for DAV.
  • You’ll get no diagnostics from Evolution when the publishing occurs, so you’ll have to check the webserver logs to see if it succeeded or failed.

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