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[some] questions answered!

Some of my Asterisk-related questions (below) have been answered through my own digging:

  • There is a list of Asterisk commands on the VoIP Info Wiki.
  • The format of each exten => line is exten => name,priority,application().
  • I still don’t know what all the bundled sounds say, but the extra sound files package includes a readme that indicates what all those GSM files contain. This will be leading to the following hilarious dialplan, when I get around to it:
    carried-away-monkeys.gsm Nobody is available to take your call at the moment. They have been carried away by monkeys.
    lots-o-monkeys.gsm (sound effects of many angry monkeys)
    if-u-know-ext-dial.gsm If you know the extension of the party you wish to reach, dial it now.
    company-dir-411.gsm To access our company directory, dial 411 or dial zero to leave a message in our general mailbox.

Also, it turns out that the entire O’Reilly book on Asterisk is available for download here under a Creative Commons License. Not that I don’t want to pay for the book — I will, because I believe in such things — but for now, it’ll make a good reference.

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