SDF celebrates 20 year anniversary

On June 16th, SDF Public Access UNIX system will celebrate its 20th anniversary!

Twenty years ago, SDF-1 was a 300 bps dialup BBS running on an Apple ][e computer system, and has evolved over time into a twelve node DEC Alpha cluster running the NetBSD operating system. SDF users, of which I am one (keymaker@), pride themselves on the fact that theirs is one of the last bastions of “the real INTERNET”, out of the reach and scope of the commercialism and advertising of the DOT COM entities. I recall fondly the days before commercial traffic was permitted on the NSFNet, and oftentimes wish that we could return to those days when everyone knew their proverbial neighbours.

If you’re interested in SDF, lifetime membership is very affordable at $36. You can find out more information about SDF here. You won’t find any fancy Web 2.0 widgets, but you can definitely still use Gopher 1.0!

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