Open Source

I’ve been a Linux and UNIX user for a very long time, and along the way I’ve had the pleasure of making some contributions back to the community. Most of my work has been in software packaging. Here are some links to my work:


Fedora Project

I’m in the package maintainer’s group and currently maintain a bunch of packages. (You can look in my Fedora People space to see what else I’m working on these days.)


Back when I still used NetBSD, I maintained the mail/amavisd-new (Amavisd virus scanner) package.


I’m Sourceforge user #172, although I haven’t done anything on there for years. I used to work on a (now-obsolete) open-source e-mail client based called XFMail.


I hack on a variety of things in my GitHub account, particularly Chef cookbooks. I’ve also contributed a few things to core Chef and Ohai.


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