I’m an amateur photographer, but I have been shooting since college. (I do miss the tactile feel of shooting and developing film, although the digital workflow is a lot easier now!)

I put my best work on Flickr so I’d invite you to check out my photostream.

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  1. Byron Sonne not guilty on G20 explosives charges
    Byron Sonne, the so-called “G20 geek” accused of plotting to bomb the 2010 summit of world leaders in downtown Toronto, was found not guilty Tuesday of all charges, ending his nearly two-year legal saga.

    “I've been waiting to do this a long time,” Sonne said as he greeted reporters outside the University Ave. courthouse.

    He then pulled out his bail papers – the documents that first kept him behind bars for 11 months in pre-trial custody and then restricted and confined his activities upon his release last year – and ripped them in a theatrical show of celebratory defiance

  2. A few coincidences suggested a write you because if I didn’t it would effect some universal force. Can’t be too careful.

    1) I was looking through old pictures on my computer and came across one of the CBC. Your name was credited on the photo.

    2) Looked up Julian Dunn + CBC, found your blog to see what else you had taken pictures of.

    3) I read on your blog that you had been tinkering with Raspberry Pi, I was looking at Pi’s yesterday.

    4) To view your Flickr stream, I had to switch computers, The other one doesn’t allow Flash. When I opened your stream I noticed the tab beside it was Julian Jayne. Weird. How often do I look at the author of “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”

    5) Looking through your pictures I come across the Franklin L Wright winter home. Didn’t know about that, but I did visit Falling Waters last year.

    6) I used to work at CBC in Engineering back in Rudi Linghor days.

    So enough. I have written to save the universe from some sort of imbalance.

    Good pictures!!